TOKENBASE is the third project of ITSA and is intended as the go-to standard database for the analysis of DLT- and blockchain-based cryptographic tokens. The database incorporates both ITIN and categorized assets according to the ITC and merges this qualitative data with third-party quantitative market data (daily prices, circulating and maximum token supply, trading volumes, etc.) from reputable providers. Currently over 10000 tokens are listed.

By combining both types of data and including additional information such as a token’s mineability or links to relevant web sources (e.g. token’s website, or Github and Reddit urls, etc.), ITSA is creating a unique token database that offers a built-in multi-dimensional token classification framework for enhanced structural market analysis. It is also possible to directly connect data from legal contracts to the listing.

Below you'll find an excerpt of the Synthetix Token and all the relevant information that you can find in the TOKENBASE


Excerpt of information about the Synthetix Token in the TOKENBASE. Link:

This allows for instance to compare the market capitalization of Utility Tokens (EEP22) that are used in the Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations industry (EIN09A) to the market capitalization of Utility Tokens (EEP22) in the Betting and Gaming industry (EIN17E) over time, or to assess differences in the price development of Unpegged Payment Tokens (EEP21U) and Utility Tokens (EEP22).

Moreover, this unique way of classifying and combining data enables previously unthinkable possibilities. For example, it is now possible for asset managers to build indices based on industries or another classification class.

In Figure 5 you can find a cross-dimensional sample comparison of the token category distribution within the dimension Economic Purpose (EEP) for all 1000 cryptographic tokens with the token category distribution within the same dimension for the subset of ERC20 Tokens (TTS42A).


Figure 5 above indicates that the subset of ERC20 Tokens (TTS42A) tends to feature relatively more tokens that are created with the Economic Purpose (EEP) to serve as a means of utility provision or as a means of investment in contrast to a means of payment, than the basic population of all cryptographic tokens in the database that tends to comprise a higher percentage of Payment Tokens (EEP21). The addition of qualitative data creates not only vast opportunities for researchers but also for investors and regulators. It allows us to dive into completely new ways of analysis.

ITSA is constantly working on the extension of the database’s token coverage, as well as on the depth and degree of detail provided with regard to external market data. In this regard, TOKENBASE is also intended to serve as a market data aggregation tool, which shall enable and facilitate the comparison of data provided by various different suppliers in order to increase transparency and to highlight inconsistencies or frictions across the data feeds.

Moreover, the upcoming spring of Investment Tokens (EEP23) will lead to an incorporation of additional token information such as official reports, ratings, maturities or the name of the issuing entity in the medium term. Finally, a potential future surge in the number and types of Ownership Tokens (EEP22O) in the course of an ongoing tokenization of assets and rights will call for a further adaptation of the database just like a further breakdown of the Ownership Token sub-category of the ITC.

With the rise of Decentralized Finance (#DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (#NFTs), and cross-chain operability the role of token identification and classification has become an ever-increasing challenge for businesses, researchers, investors, and regulators. Through predefined Token Lists you will find consolidated information at one place.

In the example below you will find all available interest-bearing AAVE Tokens, their contracts, classification, ITIN and many more information.


AAVE V2 interested bearing Tokens. Link:

In general, the development of TOKENBASE and the ITC go hand in hand in order to ensure seamless consistency and usability. As TOKENBASE does serve as well as the public ITIN registry, some parts of the database can be accessed freely. Most parts, however are currently reserved for ITSA members only.