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Integrations use the API to access the ITSA Tokenbase. Integrations can connect services to ITSA and build interactive experiences for users within ITSA. Using the navigation on the left, you'll find details for each endpoint and type of object used in the API.

Intro to our developer resources

Tokenbase: https://api.itsa.global/search-tokens

How to quickly find datasets

To quickly find out more about our machine-readable APIs, click here to jump there.

ITSA members have the license to use the data according to their membership type (e.g. academic and non-profit use for academic and non-profit members).

If you are not a member of ITSA yet and wish to use datasets provided through its International Token Database (TOKENBASE), you will first have to register as a member and accept the terms of use. After acceptance as a member you will be granted access to TOKENBASE under the specific terms of use associated with your type of membership. Please have a look at the membership section on the ITSA website (https://itsa.global/membership/) for more information on the different membership types and the associated terms of use. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


ITSA truly believes in the growing importance of the global token economy and the vast transformational potential of distributed ledger technology for traditional industries. As Chaopeng Zhao (CEO, Binance) has put it frankly: “In a couple of years, there will be millions of coins.”

Therefore ITSA provides easy to use datasets which can be used with a double click. ITSA also provides machine-readable APIs to connect other services. Some examples to show how easy ITSA’s data usage is:

List of all tokens
Open the API for a list of tokens in our TOKENBASE here, indicating all ITINs:

All characteristics of one token
Click on the following link to see the total specifications of once token, for example Binance (ITIN 34SMWHWW1), with our ITC classification: